NCS Cheer

Come and Watch Your Spirit Line Cheer!

God has been very good to Northwest Christian Athletics. It is our continuing goal to be the spiritual as well as spirited leaders across the NCS campus, whether that is at a football game, competition, or simply walking through the hallways. It is our job to lead the campus in the best way that we know how, cheerfully! We plan to increase school spirit, be involved in athletic and academic events, and pursue a successful and supportive comradery between all students, athletes, faculty and parents at NCS!.


Varsity Head Coach

Sarah Melillo-Miller


JH Head Coach

Brittany Huizinga



After working extremely hard and preparing for the Fall and Winter sports seasons, we are excited to cheer on our teams with you!


Our prayer for the teams we cheer on is that they play hard, play fair and follow Colossians 3:21 which says, "And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." We will cheer every time our teams step on the field but do it in such a way as to bring glory to God and admiration to Northwest Christian School. ALL IN = ALL OUT

Upcoming Events

Fall sports are upon us! Come cheer with us during an upcoming football game. We hope to see you there!

2018 HS Cheer Roster  Print

Name Team Grade
Abby Kessen Pom12
Beth Greenan Pom12
Hadley LarsonPom12
Hannah KennedyPom12
Hope GibsonPom12
Lilah AusePom12
Sarah WilczynskiPom12
Skylar UrichPom12
Alleyah Bruning Pom12
Ashley BecknerVarsity/Comp9
Brooke SchulzVarsity/Comp10
Ella DumaplinVarsity/Comp10
Gabby SabatinaVarsity/Comp10
Grace RooneyVarsity/Comp11
Hadley LarsonVarsity/Comp12
Hannah KennedyVarsity/Comp12
Hope GibsonVarsity/Comp12
Kailey MoncriefVarsity/Comp12
Leticia HulbertVarsity/Comp9
Liz TweedyVarsity/Comp9
Madison McShanagVarsity/Comp11
Rylie HudsonVarsity/Comp11
Skylar UrichVarsity/Comp12
Tatum GiblinVarsity/Comp10
Tova ConnerVarsity/Comp11
Alleyah Bruning Varsity/Comp12
Abigail Schlesinger Varsity/Comp9
Leticia HulbertJV9
Ashley BecknerJV9
Elizabeth TweedyJV9
Amber CameronJV9
Ava ReuterJV9
Joselyn GilliamJV9
Kaitlyn DeesJV9
Madalyn LarsonJV9
Abigail SchlesingerJV9