NCS Annual Jog-A-Thon

Dear NCS family,

At long last, inspired plans are becoming reality! As you look across the campus of Northwest Christian School, dramatic changes are happening as we move forward within our multi-year “Godly Generations: Growing and Going” campus improvement plan.

First, we are excited to report that the new Elementary classroom building opened earlier this month. It is the latest phase in the "Growing and Going" campus improvement plan. This building now holds three sections of third grade students and the fourth will be a new elementary technology lab. In addition, there is space reserved for middle school athletes to securely store their athletic gear and change out for games and practices. The building sits adjacent to the newly established "Crusader Legacy Plaza"--a concourse that will celebrate the history of the school in conjunction with the vital role of alumni as the truest legacy of the school. Looking out over the Crusader Legacy Plaza will be the new concessions shop and spirit store. The "Growing and Going" plan has the school immediately pushing into renovations within the Early Education building as well as the addition of four new kindergarten classrooms to be completed by fall 2019. When considered with the new 450 building, the sum of new classrooms added to the campus this year will be eight. The intent of these new classrooms is not to grow the school's enrollment; rather, their design is to better serve students that are already enjoying NCS.

Because the school works to avoid debt and is disciplined in operating a “black budget” prior to any fundraising, this means that school fundraisers, like the annual Jog-a-thon, do what they should do: improve the educational experience of the student. In keeping with this commitment, this year, 80% of net funding that comes in through Jog-a-thon will go towards the Early Education and Kindergarten projects.

Over the last six years, Jog-a-thon has allowed us to move campus security forward dramatically: a full-time Phoenix police officer now patrols our campus, fencing has been completed around the campus perimeter, and over forty video cameras keep watch over students and buildings. This year, working with Phoenix PD and the Department of Homeland Security, we have identified other objectives for the future and 10% of Jog-a-thon will support that effort.

As has been the case for the last nine years, we are committing the final 10% of our Jog-a-thon to creating student ministry opportunities to teach and equip our students to be world-changers. Each year, this funding is divided between the grade levels and used so that our students can invest themselves for God’s glory with grade-level specific ministry partners around the state and around the world, on the mission field (places like Mexico, Haiti, and Rwanda) and around the city (with nearly 30 different non-profit, Christ-honoring ministry partners).

So, as Jog-a-thon information and blank fliers come home, we ask that you prayerfully consider what you can do to support this effort. Again, because the school operates a “black budget” before fundraising, we can confidently assert that your support will directly and completely impact your students and their experience at NCS. If each NCS family completes the designated fliers, we are confident that we will see God accomplish even greater things in 2019!

Geoff Brown
Northwest Christian School
(623) 225-5573 (cell)