Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, How do I register for school?
  2. Question 2, Where can I find the school?
  3. Question 3, Why do students have to take Bible classes?
  4. Question 4, What programs and levels are available at NCS?
  5. Question 5, What sports are available at NCS?
  6. Question 6, When is Spring Break?
  7. Question 7, Who are the school leaders?
  8. Question 8, Where do I find information on grades, schedules, and teacher folders?
  9. Question 9, How can I get more information on NCS and schedule a tour?

Answer 1:

You can register for school by visiting the Online Enrollment Form or by emailing Michelle Reddy, Director of Admissions, for an appointment.

Answer 2:

The school is located at 16401 North 43rd Avenue, Phoenix AZ, 85053. [Contact Us]

Answer 3:

The mission of Northwest Christian School is to provide a Bible-based program of education that enables students to develop a Christian world view. For more information, go to the "About Our Team" page.

Answer 4:

NCS offers traditional classes for Kindergarten through 12th grade. A Mini-Crusaders program is also offered for pre-school age children. Visit our Mini-Crusaders, Early Education, Elementary, Middle School, and High School pages for more information.

Answer 5:

Northwest Christian Schools offers a wide variety of athletic programs and clubs for all ages and abilities.

Answer 6:

Spring Break and other school activities, holidays, and events can be found on the School Calendar.

Answer 7:

The school leaders can be found on the About Our Team page as well as at the top of each education page..

Answer 8:

Information on student progress and schedules can be found in Plus Portals. You can also access teacher folders in that tool.

Answer 9:

You can get more information on NCS and schedule a tour by visiting our Admissions page.