NCS Annual Jog-A-Thon




Northwest Christian families!

We are excited about our 2021, annual school-wide fundraiser! You may know this as the NCS Jog-a-thon, or even remember when we called it a "Pack-a-thon" or "Glow-a-thon" and now this year, a "Dance-a-thon"! This year we are committed to utilizing the Boosterthon's program in its full capacity. That means, we will not be doing mailers and only focusing on the technology option with Boosterthon.

Please prayerfully consider your participation. We desire both your participation and prayer for the outcome of the Dance-a-thon. If your family feels it's not in the position to financially support the school, that's ok. Families can actually support our school by also SHARING about our fundraiser with friends and family online. Sharing IS supporting.



What Will the Raised Funds Go Towards?

Our goal is to raise $100,000 to help fund the following projects:

  • 10% NCS Community (5% Crusader Benevolence Fund and 5% Cancer-Fighting Charity)
  • 10% Missions Learning
  • 80% Communication and Security



Quick Steps
  1. REGISTER your student(s) on today. It takes 30 seconds!
  2. SHARE with 7 family/friends using the SHARE tools on (Facebook, Text Message or Email) Students will earn rewards just for sharing from
  3. GIVE a donation if you are able to give.



Here's What Students Can Get Excited About
  • Fun, engaging character development lessons in Elementary
  • A variety of prizes for pledges for all students
  • A high-energy event to give our school a much-needed boost of fun!
  • Free dress days for K-12th grade students once the school-wide goal has been met!
  • Dance-a-thon Event Days
    • Early Education and Elementary, March 10/11 (in classrooms)
    • Middle School, March 12 (combined with Field Day)
    • High School, March 11 (combined with Field Day)

Thank you for that support and your generosity! Quite literally, you are contributing to the formation of a whole new generation of students ready to see their world transformed for Christ!

Geoff Brown
Northwest Christian School
(623) 225-5573 (cell)

email Mr. Brown