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Traditional Learning

Northwest Christian School offers traditional on-the-ground classroom learning for all grades. Some adjustments have been made according to the recommendations from the Maricopa Country Department of Public Health, the office of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, and the Arizona Department of Education. [Review the Admissions Page]

  • Customary, on-the-ground instruction begins August 17th
  • Some initial modifications will ultimately be phased out
  • Each student's experience will be safe and customary



NCS Plus

NCS Plus...a new forum to support on-the-ground learning. Starting this fall, every NCS student and every family will enjoy an added dimension within their on-the-ground classrooms: NCS Plus. Although direct instruction within on-the-ground classrooms will not change, NCS Plus will support the "flipped classroom" model of learning wherein students can revisit key concepts presented within class when away from the classroom.

If we experience a viral resurgence at some point in the coming year with mandated school closure, NCS Plus will replace the Google Classroom system used this spring to provide a more robust student learning experience.

Additionally, while school will resume on August 17th, if a family wishes to keep their student home for a period of time for whatever reason, NCS Plus will support that student's continued learning, concurrent with what is happening in the classroom. This will mean that when that student is ready to return, they can do so with no disruption to academic progress.

  • Facilitated by a learning management system called Canvas
  • NCS Plus will be a classroom complement at all grade levels - K through 12
  • Captures key elements of the on-the-ground classroom experience
  • NCS Plus will better support students that are absent
  • If your family intends to start school virtually using NCS Plus on August 17th, please email your intentions to by Saturday, August 8th.
  • With no notification, the school will conclude that your family will return to campus for in-person instruction on August 17th.
  • Each student's participation within NCS Plus will need to be approved by a school principal.



NCS Online

Beginning this fall, NCS is launching Northwest Christian School Online for the elementary grades. NCS Online is a wholly separate, asynchronous learning experience for students who live away from Phoenix or who find the online classroom a more conducive learning opportunity than the traditional on-the- ground experience.

The NCS Online experience will be different: different pacing, different teachers, and different opportunities. Over the next few days and weeks, our families can look forward to some exciting announcements regarding new partnerships--what we are calling "Distinctive Diplomas"--that represent new and enhanced learning opportunities with a growing number of universities like Grand Canyon University and Arizona Christian University. These partnerships will provide for an online and on-the-ground learning experience unlike any online or on-the-ground high school in the country. [Review the NCS Online Page]

  • Fall 2020 will be for Elementary only
  • Fall 2021 will be available for all grades: elementary, middle school, and high school.
  • NCS Online will utilize Canvas as its Learning Management System for grades K through 8th.
  • In 2021, for High School students, NCS Online will utilize Grand Canyon University's LoudCloud learning management system.



Northwest Christian Biblical Worldview Institute

As part of NCS Online, both our on-the-ground and online students will enjoy an expanded number of online classes centered around exploring Christian worldview in a number of contexts.

We are presently working with Grand Canyon University, Arizona Christian University, and prominent pastors, authors, and experts in diverse fields to develop these courses. These courses will be the foundation upon which the new "Distinctive Diploma" program is built as well as the university partnerships. Though it is a bit too soon to announce all of these courses just yet, we look forward to doing so as we move towards the fall.

  • Expanded number of online classes
  • Exploring Christian worldview in different contexts
  • Working with various universities, pastors, authors, and experts
  • Foundation for new "Distinctive Diploma" program



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