The NXNW Film Festival



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Event Date: Thursday, November 14th at 7:00pm
Event Location: AMC Deer Valley 17 (3033 West Agua Fria Freeway, Phoenix, AZ 85027)
Submission Deadline: Monday, November 4th   >>How do I submit?





Our mission is simple. We want to honor God in the realm of movies, television and internet media. Our purpose is to motivate and inspire students to create films and videos that honor the Creator. Because movies, TV and YouTube videos dominate our daily conversations, it is vital that those who follow Jesus can effectively express their faith, ideas, sense of humor and God’s truth from these platforms.

The NXNW Film Festival is a an opportunity for high school students to be a part of a movement to bring honor and glory to God through the art of filmmaking: whether drama, comedy, action, thriller, or documentary.




In our view, “God honoring films” does not mean they must have a spiritual message. While we encourage followers of Jesus to be bold in expressing their faith in films, the options are wide open. It’s perfectly acceptable to tell a story that is merely a “slice of life” drama or a comedy that isn’t “religious” at all. Any story that reflects life as you see it or gets people laughing is honoring to the Creator of the universe who made us creative beings!

That being said, there are some guiding principles we ask that you consider as you create your film:

  • No profanity
  • No sexually explicit content or imagery
  • No excessive portrayals of gratuitous violence (gunshots, gore)
  • No excessive horror (Monsters, demons, scary images)
  • No blasphemy (dishonoring the name of God or Jesus)

    Keep in mind that this festival is attended by families with small children and if your film is too mature we will be forced to disqualify it.




    Those wishing to enter the NXNW Film Festival must read and acknowledge the following requirements:

    1. Each film must be submitted by a high school student during the 2019-2020 school year.
    2. Each film should be submitted in digital format (.mov or .mp4).
    3. Each entry should be accompanied by the NXNW Submission Form and applicable NXNW Creative Works Form. A Creative Works Form must be individually and uniquely signed by each individual who contributed their time and talent in any way in the production of the short film.
    4. The submission must be entirely student directed, produced, and edited.
    5. The submission must not exceed 5 minutes in length.
    6. The submission must represent an original concept or idea.
    7. The submission must align properly with the film festival’s content statement in the view of the judges.
    8. The creative team submitting the digital short accepts all licensing responsibility for any copyrighted material contained within the film.
    9. The content and ideas put forward by students as part of their film festival submission will remain the property of the students. However, the copy of the submission, in whatever form it is provided, becomes the property of the NXNW Film Festival for use defined in the student release form. As part of this, participants should understand that their film will be made available to the public via an online platform for an indeterminate period of time.




    As students you may use a certain amount of copyrighted material in the creation of your films: Copyright law allows for 10% of a copyrighted work to be used without obtaining permission. That's the equivalent of 30 seconds of music if a song is 5 minutes long.




    Submissions to the festival should fall within one of 2 categories:

    • Narrative (Comedy, Drama, Action, Thriller)
    • Documentary

    Each category will be awarded two prizes: A Jury Award of $250, and an Audience Favorite Award of $250, where the audiences will vote for their favorites on the night of the festival. Two Honorable Mentions (no cash prize) will be chosen in each category.

    Additionally, we will be presenting the winners from the NXNW 48 Hour Film Challenge held in April/May each year.



    Films may be submitted as a downloadable link to this email address: or on a physical USB drive delivered to:

    Northwest Christian School
    16401 N. 43rd Avenue
    Phoenix, AZ 85053

    Submission Deadline: Monday, November 4th

    Event Date: Thursday, November 14th at 7:00pm
    Event Location: AMC Deer Valley 17 (3033 West Agua Fria Freeway, Phoenix, AZ 85027)